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Delivering business intelligence solutions in a new way


Intrinsics is getting to know the very nature, the very core of something.

Applied Intrinsics is a process that uses, very large datasets, proprietary analytics, granular sentiment insights and stunning visualizations to help companies intrinsically understand the things that are most important.

What is most important to you?

Who are your customers? Who should be your customers? Who will be your customers in 2 years? Where are they? What stresses them? What is their online behaviour? How should you communicate with them?…

Quote form "Sapiens" - Yuval Noah Harari

"It is, however, a mistake to look for the differences at the level of the individual or the family. One on one, even ten on ten, we are embarrassingly similar to chimpanzees. ... If you tried to bunch together thousands of chimpanzees into Tiananmen Square, Wall Street, the Vatican or the headquarters of the United Nations, the result would be pandemonium. By contrast, Sapiens regularly gather by the thousands in such places. Together, they create orderly patterns -- such as trade networks, mass celebrations and political institutions -- that they could never have created in isolation. The real difference between us and chimpanzees is the mythical glue that binds together large numbers of individuals, families and groups."
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Data. Analytics. Integration.

The left side of the human brain has long been associated with logic, mathematics, facts, sequencing and linear thinking. displai incorporates left brain functions - data, analytics, and integration – to uncover insights surrounding your business and consumer markets.

  • Data

    Data Collection

    displai starts by collecting your data and consolidating it with our proprietary datasets. Customer demographics, buying trends, employee sales, or any other datasets relevant to your business can be integrated into the applied intrinsic model in order to extract important, hidden insights. Our models can be streamed in real time to provide your business with the most up-to-date market information.

    • Regardless of format
    • From all areas of your business (customer data, employee data)
    • In real time


    Data Quality

    displai’s proprietary datasets offer an unmatched level of accuracy. Large volumes of data, validated with a high degree of confidence, combine for incredible precision across a wide range of industries. Our modelling is designed with agility and speed in mind, allowing your insights to be generated and delivered to your business in true real-time.

    • Granular, aggregated, accurate, precise
    • Applicable across industries
  • Analytics

    Intrinsic Analytics

    Applied Intrinsics has been designed to uncover unique insights derived from the intrinsic truth of your business. displai will work with you to develop solutions to your business’ biggest challenges. Decision-making across your organization will become faster and better.

    • Unique insights derived from the intrinsic truth of your business
    • Deep understanding of the important things
    • Solutions derived from insights found within the data


    Machine Learning and AI

    displai’s analytical process begins by training our algorithms using your data and ours. Once our models have been fine-tuned to your business, they are turned loose on your datasets to uncover actionable insights. These models continuously increase understanding and improve the decision-making of your business.

    • Determine the training data
    • Develop algorithms, turn loose on those datasets to uncover actionable insights
  • Integration

    Integrating Client Data

    Your data, regardless of format, will be integrated seamlessly into displai’s proprietary datasets. This process will shine a light within your operations. By confidentially applying the newly integrated data to our models, displai generates an intrinsic blueprint unique to your business.


    Integration into Client Environment

    The insights generated by displai’s machine learning algorithms will be returned in whatever format and method make sense for you. displai won’t require you or your employees to operate new programs or learn new skills in order to reap the full benefit. Our goal is to fit seamlessly into your team’s workflow, giving you the power to make informed decisions whenever necessary.

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Maps. Visualization. Strategies.

The right side of the brain is associated with cognitive skills, such as creativity, emotion and intuitiveness. displai incorporates right brain functions - maps, visualizations, and strategies – into the solution workflow.

  • Maps

    displaiMap - GIS (Global Information Systems)

    displaiMap leverages our custom GIS as a powerful visualization tool. displai’s datasets inform the ‘where’ component of your market, while your datasets inform the ‘who’. displaiMap has the capability of creating layered maps unique to your business and allowing you to see and understand your market from a new perspective.

    • Using GIS mapping as a visualization device
    • Creating maps unique to the client
    • A 360 perspective. Data that has a ‘where’ component
    • Visualize and gain insights from a map



    displaiMap has the capability to display an unlimited number of data layers within a single visualization. This means no insight is constrained by our modelling and every decision you make will be fully informed. Data layers are provided by displai’s expansive geospatial library, from both public and private sources; any market factor you are interested in exploring can be available within seconds.

    • Unlimited layers of data
    • An extensive geospatial, public and private, library


    Geo Precise

    displai’s geospatial latitude-longitude data is precise to 6-decimals and can be resolved down to 2-metres. This means your markets will be decipherable to a postal code and even a household level. Such granular differentiations can generate the most accurate insights about your market and uncover intrinsic truths hidden in the details.

    • 6 decimal place lat-long precision
    • 2m resolution
    • Granular insights by placing data precisely on the map
    • Down to household level (from postal code or region)
  • Visualization


    For all your data without a ‘where’ component, displai dashboards visualize your markets in the form of graphs, charts, tables, and other interactive tools. Our dashboards are HTML5-compatible, meaning they can be seamlessly integrated into your business ecosystem for internal or external use.

    • Take all of the data, embed in an HTML5 world with graphs and tables
    • Used for internal or external purposes



    displai can also develop custom APIs to allow you to consume your insights back into your business environment for further analysis. By working with your development team to customize the displai APIs for compatibility, useful insights can be delivered in real-time, improving your market understanding and decision making.

    • API’s to allow you to consume this data back into your environment
    • Real-time consumption, data feed
    • Work with your development team
  • Strategies

    Creative Implementation

    With insights uncovered by displai’s Applied Intrinsics, your business will be prepared to craft strategies to better reach and acquire customers. Visualizations of your data will change your perspective on your market landscape. displai’s seamless integration and real-time data streaming allows you to quickly implement your strategies, saving time and increasing the rate of your growth.

    • Allows you to create the right strategies
    • Simple, fast. Develop strategies to save money and grow quickly


    Fully Informed

    displai’s Applied Intrinsics create a 360° view of your customers. Armed with this understanding, your business decisions will be fully informed by quantitative and qualitative information. By knowing which customers make up your market and what drives their buying decisions, you can feel confident in the strategies you have crafted and in the direction you choose to steer your business.

    • Intrinsically informed decision making
    • Complete 360° customer view
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